Feedback for our presentation! Thanks

Thanks for being such great participants!


5 thoughts on “Feedback for our presentation! Thanks

  1. Hands-on time was plentiful and thorough. We had a nice amount of time to learn and apply.

    Your organization seemed to flow very clearly and efficiently. Objectives clearly matched the tasks.

    Knowledge of the technology components was complete. You did a nice job of quickly giving us enough instruction to get started yet enough time to explore on our own.


  2. Activities were very useful, user-friendly and interactive.
    It was nice to move in and out of the room.
    “Choose your own adventure” style was engaging.
    It was useful for ELL kids and for students of all ages – it can also be used again in different ways in the classroom.
    We appreciated the student examples and our own examples being used.


  3. We enjoyed it so much. Here are 3 big strengths we saw: (1) it was very easy to follow and well-explained, (2) the student examples were very helpful and interesting, and (3) you had us very involved throughout. Great job!!!


  4. Very informative. Very enthusiastic tone. Vested in strategies. Appreciated the hands-on aspects. Audience – Can see multiple grade levels using the graphic novel unit. Adobe-spark can be adapted to all levels.


  5. We loved how hands on your presentation was. It was engaging and kept our interest for the entire time (I could keep playing with Storybird!).
    Overall, the demonstration had a good flow.
    We also enjoyed that this was applicable across all ages.


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