Day 3 and 4 Growing

So after the realization that my writing practice is essentially a bit better than an 8 year old’s, I had to do some mindset updating. Indeed, I am out our practice. Filling pages with words strung together in harmony not only was not happening but essentially not in my wheelhouse. I chose to listen and observe the habits of the more well developed. Like a naturalist out in the woods, I watched and listened to the other fellows and to our leaders.  I was reminded of more multisyllabic words- Yup, I know those. I was reminded of the use of commas and starting sentences with a preposition. Yup, that makes writing interesting. I was reminded that there are so many styles and genres that can make writing come alive. Even mixing genres provided an interesting spin on things.

The presentation! We were first on the list. Always a huge responsibility. It took a bit of time to get all the parts in place, but with some arranging and rearranging, it all came together. I find myself growing every time I do group work. The dynamics of different personalities and different experiences are fantastic teachers.


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