Day 5 – Week 2 ” What is good writing?”

The first week really allowed me to explore what my perceptions were on purpose. Without that, there is no real need for doing anything. I realized that not every piece I do has to be for something. I found it simply fun to write about whatever!

Now with week 2 the focus on “What is good writing?” I am a fan of mentor text, but what are my mentor texts? Using published writers as a guide can be fabulous and intimidating for sure. Establishment of my style is one of the areas I am working toward. I figure I need to start somewhere. I do know that I write like I talk. A little humorous, a little simplistic but always about the day to day things.

One of the quotes from Zinsser said, “Clutter is a disease of American writing.” We are in the process of moving and I found a stack of papers from high school and college. One of my first AP English papers was on Oedipus. My grade was a “C” over an “F.” The “C” was for content and the “F” was for grammar!  I felt as though I was the “everyman” of our class. Inferior skills and vocabulary in many ways, I was the comic relief and frequently needed more practice/explanation etc. Both my thinking and my writing did evlove. I survived Crime and Punishment, Madame Bovary and  The Stranger. Those around me went on to Stanford, UCLA, Brown and I landed at UC Santa Barbara. As I looked at my writing then and those papers during the first quarter of my freshman year I do relate to the word CLUTTER. My writing in high school was more accepted as clutter filled. I think my teacher was just looking for us to get the point, even if the delivery was messy. By college, although I did pass the AP test and skipped a course, the adjustment was tough. My writing in need of a serious flowery word diet. Time and many meetings with my profession got me on the right track.

The Teaching Demonstration on Narrative reminded me to find my voice. I am working on it. I can only start where I can start. Control what I can control. I am feeling satisfied in my beginning. Something from nothing. With “Shitty First Draft,”( thanks Anne Lamott) My notebook and blog are filling up. I am a fan!


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