Day 6 Valued Communication

The exercise on how different subcultures value communication really resonated with me. Over my life, I have been in and out of many subgroups- schools, family, social groups etc. I realized that like in our discussion about Audience, I need to communicate differently with my different groups.

While growing up, my family really valued sarcasm as a form of communication and of humor. The more sarcastic you were, the funnier you were and humor was definitely valued. When I got married, my husband’s family did not value sarcasm, in fact, they thought it was offensive. Big lesson at a young age.

Keeping in mind the language differences and communication cadences my students come from will be in the forefront of my mind. I am still thinking of a particular student who had essentially one thing to write about all year- Dogs. What can I do to universally build his vocabulary and experiences and give him more to say?

The audience is important, but so is the valued language. I will work to give my students more opportunities to learn and write about things that are authentic.


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