After a busy weekend, I finally grocery shopped today. It is Monday and I was SOOO not looking forward to the trip, but if for anything else, I was down to my last coffee pod at school and a day with no coffee was not going to be a thing.

I was prepared. I had a list. Good first step you say, but as I paid, I realized that I was $50 over what I usually spent and then it dawned on me. He was home for Spring Break.

I am happy to have my 18 year old son home from college. I love him. I am his mother. It is noisier when he is here. We also go though dozens of eggs because it is the only thing he can cook.  We are already a 1/2 gallon down of chocolate milk and I don’t suspect the other will be far behind.

For the first year he is not stomping his feet and pouting at the fact we are not heading off to some tropical place – we are all still working and on a different schedule. He has not stomped his foot even once about some overly intoxicated trip to Florida for his Spring break. He has had a big bite of the financial reality of life. He sees his tuition bill and knows what this is all costing. He has realized that whether he passes or does not pass, he still owes. In fact, he has just started a job and is working 22 hours or so this week. Maybe his friends are partying in Florida, there will be time for fun when he can afford it. No one is entitled to a college degree, it is earned.

My grocery bill will indeed be higher this week and my house noisier. The 18 year old, in my living room is making small steps forward and for that I will buy extra chocolate milk.


3 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. I’m giggling a bit as I read this, b/c my 14 year old son loves chocolate milk… and now I’m imagining he will not be growing out of it! Enjoy having your son home — sounds like he’s making great choices, Mama!


  2. Sounds like you have a great kiddo there. With my oldest entering high school next year I have a ways to go before I’m in your shoes—but it is zooming ever faster towards us. I hope mine will make these good choices, too!


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