When you become a mother you soon realize that like Forrest Gump said of a box of chocolates, “You never know what you are going to get.” Pre-motherhood you imagine little mini-versions of yourself and your husband. Everyone always looks at the kids as they grow and connects them to one of a variety of  family members. It is one thing to comment when they are little, but when they grow up- late teens and 20’s, that is when you begin to see which chocolate they really are.

She just had her 17th birthday. When she was conceived she was so wanted. Her Dad and  I hoped and prayed and were elated when we found out. Her brother was only 22 months older. The “she” part was harder on me simply for the practical reason- we would have add “girl” toys to our loaded house. In compromise, her first  years she played with dinosaurs and trains and was just fine. Her Noni finally did a doll intervention by age 2.

Happy and strong willed is how I described her then and how I describe her now. It is amazing to look at someone as being the best parts  of yourself. Her quiet determination continues to amaze me. If she is ever afraid of anything, she does not show it. If she is ever upset, she recognizes it and takes action. She is not an “in your face” leader, but her natural confidence encourages followers. One of the best things about her is that she makes her “ol’ Mom” feel important and appreciated. She is grateful and lovely and flexible in the most difficult situations.

As we look at that box of chocolates, we can only hope that the one we get is as unique and sweet as my second born. Thank you for making me a better me!





4 thoughts on “17

  1. My daughter will be 11 soon… time is going by so quickly. I love your homage to your sweet, unique daughter and the box of chocolates analogy. As my daughter enters her preteen years I can only imagine she may be a sweat nougat one day and crunchy toffee the next…


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