In the dark

I think getting dressed in the dark is one of those things you know you can do, but the reality is more challenging than expected. That was my morning. Our power is out due to high winds. By flashlight, I added foundation and blush and hoped for the best. I had showered the night before, so although my hair was wild, it was clean. Of course we have conferences tonight, so trying not to wear mismatched shoes would be a plus.

My curling iron in hand, I was off to school. Mascara would wait until daylight. I hoped I remembered to put it on. The days that I don’t, I look like a hamster. I wondered if there are plugs in the bathrooms. My daily routine that makes me feel so prepared and comfortable was not to be on this dark morning. I would be doing things in a different order and I had to be OK with that.

We are faced with these types of challenges regularly. How we respond is all we can control. I would love to say it was always an adventure, but the truth is, it is frequently scary and unsettling.

My hair is no longer a mess and to the outside spectator, I am ready for the day. Inside I am thinking about all the food that will spoil if the power does not return. I am thinking about the fact that I will not be able to cook or work at home with no power. I am also thinking that this is a temporary inconvenience. It will eventually be back to normal. My last thought before the students enter- what about those who are struggling with far more?


3 thoughts on “In the dark

  1. Being out of a routine is the worst! I love the way you reacted to the power outage and that your last thought was putting your students first. I think that’s often what teaching is all about: putting aside our own issues and crankiness and problems to be with kids.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. You did what all you could do – keep plugging away. I remember a few years ago I had a student reading “Sarah, Plain and Tall” and made a connection in that the student had no electricity like the characters. But the student didn’t have electricity because their parent wasn’t able to pay the bill. The student wasn’t upset or embarrassed – that was just their reality. That and your post remind me that we never know what is going on at home, and how it might color the day. Hope your food didn’t spoil!


  3. Those situations are so taxing–and yet, you are right. So many of our kids are dealing with so much more than our “first world problems.” Thoughtful post.


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