I was with one of my dearest friends at a new breakfast place in town. It is rare that we get to spend time together so when we do, it is time cherished.

We put our name in to the “text you when your table is ready” system. We giggled at the fact that older people would walk in and see the line and turn around. My friend asked if they realize by the time they get in their car and drive somewhere else, it will be the 15-20 minutes they could have waited? When we did get our text, we shook our heads as they basically forgot about us and seated 2 other groups ahead of us.

When we sat, we were happy. When we looked at the menu, we were happy. She is far more of a balanced eater and ordered a rather savory bowl of a brussel sprout, sweet potato balsamic reduction. I on the other hand ordered a Monte Cristo with raspberry drizzle! We drank coffee, admired the bright sunny decor. We were happy.

We were not in a hurry. We caught up about school, family and peppered in some future visions and philosophy. She is always someone I can talk honestly with and she never judges or even tries to fix it. She listens. Her kids are into their adult lives and mine are just starting theirs. She is wise and thoughtful and makes me feel rejuvinated.

I miss spending more time with her. She is at a different school and in a different role. I have had to find my own way, but I miss her.

I cannot say I have a lot of friends. I have many colleagues and acquaintances, but few I would call a close friend. When I am with this friend, I am happy.

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