Enough Already! A tired of winter tale

“White Knuckle Driving.” For a kid from California this was a foreign expression. Today was one of those days and it arrived unexpected. Our weather here in Michigan is for sure unpredictable during these transitioning months. I have lived and survived through 12 winters here in Michigan. Some ferocious, some tame. It is the ice that scares me the most; icy roads, icy sidewalks.

Today was a snowy day. I am beginning to protest winter, passive aggressive like. Last week I wore a skirt without leggings ( and then suffered in the 20 degree weather when I took my class out to recess.) Today I wore little tennis shoes, not the boots I should have. Yes, my feet got a little wet and cold, but darn it- I was tired of the boots.

The snow did not look too bad, in fact it was about an inch and my car just had a dusting. If I don’t have to scrape ice, I call that a win. The roads on the other hand were treacherous. All the commute traffic traveling up 131, semis, cars who know better driving too fast and that slushy part in the middle of the two lanes; you know, you have to drive through it to switch lanes and are always worried you will catch a tire and spin? Scary.

I did not spin and I did make it to work. I am a bit sad with the winter continuing. Cold is fine, but the snow is just getting annoying. We know better, but those lovely February days lured me thinking about Spring and warmer weather. I am not crazy, 50 degress would be fine, even great. Winter is not ready to go, but I have had enough of the “white knuckle” technique. And for pete’s sake, it is softball season and the field is under a snowy blanket!


3 thoughts on “Enough Already! A tired of winter tale

  1. I can relate to the feeling, but on the opposite end of the pendulum. I’m used to sunny weather, so when we had a stretch of “cold” weather (60-70 degrees, don’t laugh), I was so over it. I ran out of warm clothes by the end of the first week. 🙂 Stay warm and safe and thank you for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sending me to your post! I see that we can definitely relate to each other. I love the imagery of driving, the “white knuckles” and your passive agressive campaign against winter. Thanks for sharing.


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