News alert! Teachers can have redos and revisions too. We know how to do this, “Try again,” we encourage. “You can do it,” we remind. “You got this, ” we celebrate.

I had a few redos today. My class had become rather loosey-goosey ( very smart educational term) around the classroom expectations. Our morning routine was pretty rough and 15 minutes into the day I had kids not settled, without lunches ordered and maybe weren’t even the general vicinity of their desk. They look surprised when I asked them what should they be doing- it was like they had never been here before. Ugh. Now I know what you are thinking. Just remind them of the expectations and practice. Nope, not with this group. More intentionality was in order.

Now I looked at my day and picked the morning for what I was going to revise. There were other parts, but I figured, if we started well, we had a fighting chance for the rest of the day.

I heard the herd (see what I did there?) coming down the hall. I usually greet them at the door, but I stopped them before they came in. I checked for folders and planners in their arms and gave them the steps for starting their morning. Folder/Planner on desk, order lunch, grab chair while returning to seat and write down homework while putting it in said homework folder. I am not sure if this is too many, but we had done it in the past and my thinking is things should become more routine, not less.

Within 5 minutes, students were seated, lunches ordered and had begun working on the morning activity. We heard the announcements clearly, remembering this was not a time to ask questions or talk. I went over the daily schedule and our day began. Ahhh.

Do I think I am done? No way. We will review this tomorrow and for those who need it will get private lessons. I  know for sure that things go better when I follow my own rules and expectations. Letting things slide is no good, but the beauty is that MOST mistakes can be fixed or at least revised. Cheers to process teaching! Thank you Michael Linsin and your happy notes from Smart Classroom Management. Latest blog  by Michael Linsin  How To Get Your Class Back On Track Fast



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