A Poem- Under a Blanket of Snow

We need spring break.

Under a Blanket of Snow



9 thoughts on “A Poem- Under a Blanket of Snow

  1. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one. The painful honesty of this post hit a chord with me. Sometimes I put so much pressure the write about something hopeful for others to read. Then I am reminded by posts like this to write real life things. I’m so sorry your yesterday was yuck! But thanks for reminding me to stay true to life in my writing.


  2. That used to happen to us in February! I’d have to do a unit on kindness and friendship or cooperation! I thought I would go crazy! But maybe it was just because our kindness rocks were buried under the snow!


  3. great poem—although I’m sorry about your day! the kindness rocks are awesome, though. Here’s hoping that they will be uncovered soon! 😉


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