I think I remember resetting my password for iTunes a while back and they asked me my security questions. Some are very simple. Name of first pet or model of first car, but at one point I remember it asking favorite piece of jewelry…now please note that I set up this account back in the iPod days…years ago, maybe a generation ago. Funny thing is, my favorite piece then is still my go to; my silver hoop earrings. unnamed

I have evolved though. I have many variations, big, small, curved, with black stones, but always the same- the shape of a hoop. In my mind hoops are casual, dressy and sporty. They are good with any outfit at any time-in my mind. Now I have other earrings and I do wear them on occasion, but these are my staple. I guess my signature and the bigger the better. When I was young my go-to costume was a gypsy so maybe the obsession started there. For whatever the reason I love my hoops. I really have never asked anyone what they think. THey probably think- don’t you have any other earrings? If asked, I would simply reply, “All I need are my silver hoops.”Do you have a sslice-of-lifeignature piece?


4 thoughts on “Hoop-la

  1. You have described well why you like hoop earrings and possible reasons how this preference started. I guess bangle bracelets would be mine. Possibly because my mother wore them? That’s not as fun as a gypsy costume though!


  2. Love the gypsy preference as a child part of your slice. Some people feel naked without something like their makeup or a ring or earrings, but I have no such predilection. I like jewelry but nothing signature or a go to piece.


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