Currently-the afterglow of report cards

Currently-The afterglow of report cards

Looking Around My Home

-a school tote 1/4 full (taking a break tonight since I did school work  12 + hours over weekend)

-clothes from past few days

-a cat pawing for some attention


As I Ponder…

-what I need for the softball parent meeting tomorrow night

-my plans for beginning decimals

-mentor texts for the informational writing unit

-how to connect with my almost 19 year old more regularly


What I am Learning

-how to use See Saw in the classroom

-how to get my students to need less help and problem solve more


What I’m creating

-A blog filled with daily slices

-a session for this summer on conferring that involves video from my classroom


What I’m Reading

Who’s Doing the Work? How to Say Less so Readers Can Do More. Burkins and Yaris

Fostering Resiliant LearnersStrategies for Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom.

Baseball in April and other Stories by Gary Soto

My math teaching manual


What I’m Watching

A few episodes of House Hunters- no TV for days due to being swallowed by the process of conferences and then report cards while trying to teach as well.


What’s happening in your life right now?



4 thoughts on “Currently-the afterglow of report cards

  1. I’ve seen several slicers doing the “Currently” thing now, and they are interesting, fun posts. :-). I’m going to have to try that one of these days. ~JudyK


  2. such a fun “currently” post. Glad you are rewarding yourself with that lighter tote bag! I’m currently reading The Hate U Give, drinking sweet tea, and sitting in my comfy chair.


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