I am a Facebook checker. I have many friends and family in California, New York and Colorado that I like to stay coFullSizeRender (1)nnected to albeit just through posts and pictures. Now I love technology, but I admit it is a bit creepy at times. I try to keep my privacy up to date but it is an ever changing target. So the other day I was quite surprised when I saw a little location tracker pop up on Facebook saying my 18 year old college student was nearby…his Facebook profile was when he was 13- the year he got a Facebook account. A rather domant account, but yet fires alive to reveal a location. He was supposed to be at school an hour away. I wanted to think of how I could connect with me without letting him know that there was a “tracker” of sorts on his phone. I sent the text to the left and he responded unusually quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want my kid home every weekend. The fact that he was in town without saying “Hi” did not sit well. Eventually he responded back and did come home for dinner.  One of his best friends was home from college and he had a sick roommate.  Ok.

He is home for a simple dinner. We catch up about all the heated political conversations at college. He shared he does not know what he wants to do with his life but the best part of the evening is when his 17 year old sister came home from softball practice.

The Varsity gets to choose “Walk up Songs” for home games- 20 seconds of glory before they swing the bat. My two beautiful children stood in the hallway with their phones. They  are playing snippits and then saying “Oh!” “How about this one?” I do not recognize any of the tunes. He heads back and gives hugs goodbye with no decision made. He drives away and then I hear my daughter on the phone. It is her brother with another suggestion. I am not sure what her song will be, but I know as I heard them banter back and forth, they are my kids and they are forever connected in sometimes the most unusual ways.

One thought on “connections

  1. > they are my kids and they are forever connected in sometimes the most unusual ways.<

    Goodness, this is so true! My two daughters don't get along at all. One is obnoxious, the other very reserved. One takes pictures when she has to, the other takes pictures all the time. One is blonde, blue eyed, and fairly tall. The other brown hair, brown eyes, and short!

    Yet, when they find those moments of commonality, it's so fun to just observe. They are indeed my kids, and they are forever connected in sometimes the most unusual ways!

    Thank you for sharing this slice with us! 🙂


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