Out of the Box

A conversation happened after school. Not just after school, but like almost 2 hours after school that might make a big impact.

Our grade is a “bubble” group. We have 4 sections while most of the rest of he grades have 3. We are trying to save our team, but it is not looking possible.

The conversation was to somehow work as a 4/5 combo with teachers teaching their specialites. A way to still work collaboratively and let those people work more in their preferred subject areas. I would probably be one of the writing teachers. My colleague might be the other and I think it would be a blast to collaborate more regularly. I would love being able to focus on writing ( and not my other preps) and maybe one other subject.

On the flip side, teaching writing to so many kids would require a revamp of my grading strategies. Exciting yet terrifying.

I am not sure what will happen, but I think it is fun to think a bit more “Out of the Box.”


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