Can you help? An ode to those who volunteer.

Soldiers ready for the season!

When I first had children I was blessed to stay home with them for 7 years. I had big plans. I was going to be the PTA President, help in the classroom and run many other important events and fundraisers. I had big plans.

But when I began to see the details of the responsibilities, I realized that was not my personality. I did not need to be in charge, but other people did. I was happy to relinquish that. I also realized that I just wasn’t really into it.

Should  I want to volunteer more- bake sales, selling candles and wrapping paper?  Was volunteering a manifistation of love or just a polically correct job for control freaks.

To my chagrin,  I have a big volunteering job this season ( and probably next too :/) I am not sure how it all happened. I was attending board meetings, willing to pitch in as needed. After one meeting, one person stepped down and I ended up the President of the Softball Boosters?!?  I had avoided big jobs like this for 17 years, so I guess I was due.  I am now spending an inordinate amount of time on all that needs to be for the season. Concession stand flyers at planning, email list coordination when I am staring at a stack of papers to grade. Out until 8 pm after shopping and stocking the concession stand. I know- wow!  you are saying, but I have not mentioned the other parents who are in charge of uniforms and finances!  Coordinating rosters and numbers and putting stickers on new helmets all afternoon after spending hours at practice sizing the girls for pants too. We are indeed a team.

I think everyone has ages and stages of life. Before now, I was not ready. My involment, although unexpected, is fulfilling. The parents are thankful. The girls are thankful. The coaches are thankful.

I am sure I will have some tired grumpy days, but the season is short and my booster team is great. Yes, my name and email are on everything, but I am not alone. I am happy that I can help and most of all my daughter is happy. I can only hope that she sees that being true to yourself and what you need allows you to be “that” volunteer when it is right for you. Me =1, Learning Curve= 0



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