We Gather: teacher edition

Why do we gather?

We gather to do business.  A rather mundane time, getting to the business at hand. Checking some boxes, passing out some schedules. We leave wishing it could have been sent in an email.

We gather to share information so we can plan and move forward. As teachers, we look at data, discuss students and progress and move forward. We crave the need to feel like we are moving forward.

We gather to eat. Those few minutes, uninterrupted, to speak to grown ups, to breathe. We have a small glimmer of remembrance of what is like to have lunch and not be multi-tasking.

We gather informally, in the hall, and share a funny to keep our spirits up.

We gather to listen, when somone has had a hard day and just needs to vent.

We gather to celebrate. To celebrate a wedding, a baby, a retirement.

By far, one of the best gatherings is to celebrate one anothers accomplishments. To look deeply at their contributions to our students, staff school, district and community. To see that one person’s work has ticked the fancy of so many, from the youngest readers, to the “mature” staff. To realize that this amazing person has been a confidant for so many of us. Someone who is selfless and one of the hardest workers ever known.

The collaboration of the teachers involved – uplifting and inspiring. Just those 30 minutes or so afterschool when everyone had time, because the work we were doing was for someone so amazing.

We don’t know if she will earn the award – Outstanding Person for Education, but for sure, in our eyes, she is indeed the Most Outstanding and we are lucky to have her.

We gather selflessly for a purpose.

We gather with love.


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