Kairos-the right thing said at the right moment

I can remember times in the last 3 years when I have heard what I needed to hear at the right moment.

My kids were heading in to the teen years and I heard “They will make mistakes, just pray that the mistakes aren’t too big”

I was in distress over my son’s choices and I heard “Take care of yourself first.”

Money has been tight- travel sports, hockey, 1 in college and a dear colleague said, “Hang in there, in a few years, you will feel rich again.”

Kairos is one of two Greek terms for time, not the chronological time, but more like “timing.” When we hear things that we need to hear at the right time, it is considered kairotic. We want to help people by figuring out what matters to them RIGHT NOW.

Yesterday, I made a decision to offer to move grade levels if needed. There was a lot of speculation and some nonsense going on. When I spoke to my principal and my team there was a sense of relief. I believe what I offered, was what they needed to hear. It was a decision no one wanted to make and rather than be told, I wanted to have some control. Now, hopefully I will hear some Kairotic words to help make the transition easier.  If it goes through, it will be the second time in a row. Oh my!!!


3 thoughts on “Kairos-the right thing said at the right moment

  1. Good luck! And I hope your transition goes smoothly. I love this reflection on kairos. I can relate a lot to the idea of hearing the right thing at the right time.


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