I take my job seriously. My students are my world and while trying to stay ahead of the mountains of paperwork etc, I cherish one-on-one time with my students. I have learned to relax and be who I am in the classroom. I run a rather, relaxed at times, workshop-type room. I love that the students are sad when something interrupts our writing time. I find myself apologizing and making promises of fabulous stretches of writing time soon.

During our time, they write and I move around the room saying “How’s it going?” reminding them to use resources and encouraging them to continue writing. Right now they are working on Persuasive Essays and topics range from Greyhound Racing as cruelty to animals to arguing for more recess time. Busy little researching bees tapping on keyboards, and then there is Sam.

Sam avoids everything we are about. Although he has made some progress, at the beginning of the year, he would wander and for sure, would not write. Basically, this workshop format is all wrong for Sam. Reading and writing are not his things and he will do anything to avoid doing either. The lack of direct instruction does not work for Sam. He is absolutely not trustworthy, but since he has shown some improvements, I have been optimistic.

Yesterday Sam showed his true colors. Eagle eye SUPERVISION is without a doubt absolutely and totally required at all times for this child. He has not written anything for the essay,  but we can just say, his use of time yesterday has now banned him from the use of a Chromebook maybe for life. The irony is that he could not keep from sharing the naughty and was immediately turned in.

I cannot say if Sam will ever get on the writing train, but one thing I know for sure is that Sam will use only a pencil and paper in my class until JUNE. Maybe Sam will come up with an interesting research topic for his persuasive essay…does anyone still own Encyclopedia Britannica?


2 thoughts on “Supervision

  1. I always find the Sams so intriguing, and I’m always happy when I have at least one in a group. They’re a puzzle to be solved–and definitely the kind of student who makes me a better teacher AND human being (since I have to develop so much patience to keep my cool with them!) I wonder what’s behind the behavior and why he isn’t able right now to accept the invitation of workshop.


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