The Afternoon of Your Life

I had a moment today after work and before I got home. A moment when I realized even more than usual that I was happy. The happy kind of snuck up on me and was very unexpected. Today,  I also learned about the morning and afternoon of life and bringing those things together allowed a sense of peace.

So according to Dr. Wayne Dyer, the mornings of life are those early phases when we are driven by accomplishment and ambition. Each day is about getting more and getting ahead and getting somewhere else. Driving factors include status and monetary accomplishments.  The afternoon of life is a more reflective time. In this time, the factors are more connected to spirituality and peace.

My real “going to work” morning began with a conversation with someone I admire. After some discussion about the goings on at school, he said to me ” Do you know my real purpose here?”

“No, I guess not,” I shared.

“To spread happiness and joy.”

Not what you would expect from a Superintendent. But then again, why not?

Why can’t someone in that position spread happiness and joy? Are our expectations so low? What if MORE people decided to do the same. Talk about building capacity in a school culture!

Dr. Dyer speaks of the mornings of our lives and that person is a person who maybe missed out on things. That person might not be self-realized and not be living their authentic life, but it is where they are. He talks about the Quantum events in our lives that propel us into the afternoon of our lives. These are big events that leave us thinking- it can’t get any worse than this…These events help us grow.

“Spreading happiness and joy,” he said. Yes, whether I have passed into the afternoon of my life or not, I choose that too.

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