Someone I love is working on his spiritual self. He is beginning his journey with prayer and small sacrifices that will allow you to be more open to God’s will. If they are bigger then your pride gets in the way. Small sacrifices might be not taking another helping of ice cream,  not waiting until the shower is totally warm before you get in, not driving over the speed limit if that is your habit. I found as I was listening to him I reflected upon my own “needs.” Are there things I could “sacrifice” to make myself more open to God and just being more mindful in general?

Mindfulness is a topic that comes up in many circles. Whether it is through yoga, meditation or just being more intentional about your activities. A counselor once told me that the practice of mindfulness can be done anywhere, but he suggested I try going for a walk without the intent of exercising. I found that to be a fascinating idea and I tried it.

Surprisingly enough, I found that my breathing rate slowed and I felt more peaceful. Just sitting in silence can do that for me too. I realized that most of my day was cluttered with noises, notifications and nonsense. Taking a few moments to just be present was just what I needed.

The conversation with my husband today made me think of what my day to day brings. I think as a mom and a teacher we are wired for sacrifice. I regularly go without so that my family can go with. In fact, I have been trying to put myself on the to-do list as of late. So many things take my time and energy. I want to buy the good shoes so my feet don’t hurt. I want to leave the chores of the house to spend time walking with a friend. I want to buy the healthy bars that are not on sale because they are just good for you.

Two things have come to light as I have pondered this idea of sacrifice and mindfulness. First, that I have an innate sense of sacrifice already, but that being said in order to better myself, could I take one more step to help to be more open to God’s will? I know for sure that my life expectations have taken a dramatic turn. Very different from what I saw as my future. God’s plan not my plan.  Second, the idea of being mindful has also taken a dramatic turn. I have realized that it is not a nice to it is a need to. I need to practice mindfulness in any way that comes available. Mind-ful-necessity.


4 thoughts on “Mind-ful-necessity

  1. Love that you are supporting your friend with so much thought and reflection. This is such important work. We work so much on our external selves, and on practical things, and so often forget the inner work that supports it all. I love the way your journey, and your writing, grow alongside questions.

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