I am the president of the Softball Boosters. My daughter is in her senior year and a 4 year varsity player. I am a super proud mama.

I am not a joiner and I do not need to be in charge so I am not sure how I ended up in this position. It is my second year and I essentially signed up for a third to walk the new Mama through. It is not super complicated, but I did have to figure out things on my own. The previous president was bitter and unhelpful. She made our year hard and I do not think she got to enjoy her daughter’s last year.

I have a great team of parents, although it is dwindling. We have a steadfast group o 4 + the coach and we get stuff done. Parents, especially senior parents are a little flighty and getting them to stay involved is like catching butterflies. They like to be all pretty and show up at the games with all the gear, but when it comes time to work in the concession stand, they are distracted and unavailable.

I do this because I want my daughter to see that it is right to help. It is right to surround yourself with a group of good people and if you can’t find the good people, do it yourself. I do not have more time than anyone else or fewer life challenges. In fact, I might be able to argue that I have more. I want my daughter to know that she can always rely on her own strength and conviction if she wants things and that she can do anything.

I do it for my daughter.


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