Readers and Snapchat

I just caught this as funny. Last night at my board meeting the coach, other moms and I (all in our late 40’s and ear

ly 50’s) were all noticing that although we have contacts, most of us need readers now. The menu came out and out came the readers. In the spirit of saving us all, the coach offered that you can also take a picture and then enlarge it! The usefulness of technology for old eyes!

This morning I was trying to read the directions on my breakfast


and thought “Seriously, could they write it in a smaller font and in RED for God sake!” So out come …the READERS.


I did figure out the directions but in the brilliance of modern times I thought I would commemorate the occasion with a Snapchat! Old eyes:new fun.

Who say

s even though mamas can’t see,  we can’t be cool?!

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