Ahead of the Game

Today will provide me with many great experiences to write about. I will end the day having worked on a Summer PD with a great colleague (after having written sub plans for my own class,) in a city an hour away. I will then have traveled to a hospital to pick up records for my son that he needs. After that, I will have joined my 5th grade team (after driving an hour back to school) in a vertical alignment meeting with the 6th grade team and finish the school day working on report cards (we have like an hour of work time 🙃 )

I will be staying at school, hopefully getting in a walk with a friend, and then heading to the gym to play Whiffle Ball for Dad’s night out. It sounded like such a good idea a month and a half ago when I signed up. I am on Team A.

With all of that being said and listed, I am writing now at 5:13 AM.

I never feel ahead or on top of things. Teaching is a perpetual TRIAGE and with the juggling act, balls get dropped and then added back in. I have to stay light and keep a positive attitude. Truly, the list is comical. Last night one of my biggest personal accomplishments was not eating potato chips at 9:30.

Sometimes reflections occur after the event, but when my daily-lineup looks like this, I can only think that I need to reflect and share now and stay ahead of the game.

Have a great day and wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “Ahead of the Game

  1. Something will no doubt go askew, and give you a little detour. Such are the plans of teachers … good luck with all that is ahead of you, now that your Slice is behind you.


  2. I can relate. I’m on spring break right now but I have a hectic week facing me when I return with three days of sub plans for meetings and a family medical appointment. I’m trying not to think about it but do we ever turn the teaching off? Great job resisting the chips! I loved that part.


  3. “Last night one of my biggest personal accomplishments was not eating potato chips at 9:30.” I love this – and I live it, too. Hope you managed to triage your day yesterday – I can certainly relate to the feeling of always too much to do & I’m really impressed that you got in a slice!


    1. Writing is my happy place so when I get an opportunity, I have to remember that I will feel great after. I also am so inspired by other writers. Now if I could only connect that to going to the GYM.


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