She avoids me like the plague. Pretty sure she has used expletives as I overlay my high expectations on her non-existent ones. She would rather do anything but work, no reading, no writing, no math. Only talking with friends and playing with slime. Oh, she pretends to read: turns pages, carries books, but there is no reading happening.  She is always unprepared. “I didn’t get one…I can’t find it, I forgot it at home.” She avoids work like the plague.

This unit we are writing persuasive essays. She has chosen and written a claim ( on Google Classroom so she can’t lose it) Win! She wrote reasons. Win! She signed up for a conference with me! Win! When she couldn’t read the article that would support her reasons, I suggested help from a classmate. (Insert eye roll here.)

Off they went to the hallway and shortly after she came bounding back in to interrupt my current conference telling me excitedly that she wrote a sentence of support on a sticky note. Win! “Now what?” she asked.

She figured out where it would go. I showed her how to cite the article. Time was up for writing.

She said as we were transitioning, “When are we going to write again?” I told her tomorrow. ” I wish we could keep writing,” she said.




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