⏲️TIME Savers⏲️

I love technology. I love apps and extensions and add-ons. I listen to podcasts and watch tutorials, not for any other reason, but that it is just fun.

Not everyone has the same passion for the use of technology so I just go about my business. Like anything new, it can be overwhelming, but honestly the fewer papers I have to cart around, the happier I am.

I have found many programs that help me save time- not only in the task but in my losing or misplacing the information. I know that if I put it into an app or doc, chances are I will find it again.

Notebooks are lovely too, but they serve a different purpose.

So my time is saved by not having to remember to bring a notebook or paper- I scan and file on my Google Drive and I have it with me all the time. I save time with grading apps and rubric apps and now running record apps.

I know tech is not for everyone, but for me, I love the challenge and more than that, I love teaching others about the fun of it all.


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