Favorite People

There are some people in your life that are just your favorites. Being around them makes you smile and it just feels like home. Those are the people you can either sit with in silence or pour out your heart over a cup of coffee or maybe laugh your head off with.

I can count about 5 people in my life that feel like that. I am lucky to have some in my personal life and some at work. My work people are those who can see in your eyes that you are having a hard time or having a great day. They listen to both lamenting and excitedly babbling on about a new project. Best of all, they always have time for you.

So when one of your favorites calls you always take the call and you always have 5 minutes ( or 10 or 20 or an hour or two) because they are like home. And whatever they need or ask for is never a problem and you always have time. ( You know it is not in their nature to ask for help, so when they do, they are not kidding.) The best part is even though they ask for help and you can fix it, they want you to teach them. You always have time for that too!

Those favorite people. They are like home.


5 thoughts on “Favorite People

  1. Thank you for this slice. I cannot wait to write about my favorite people too! I just realized this past weekend just how important picking up the phone when it comes to those favorite people. It can make all the difference in the world!

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  2. This is a beautiful metaphor–our favorite people are home. I think this is absolutely true. Every time I write to Georgia Heard’s wonderful querencia prompt (what place feels like home to you?) I always think about the people who give me that feeling and how when I’m with certain people I always feel like I’m at home, no matter where I happen to be.

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