The uncertainty of change freaks people out. I am one of those people right now. I suppose it is really not change, but rather not having the time to adjust and learn. We are in the midst of report cards with finalizing grades and making comments. Each comment consists of 5-8 sentences minimum and that is times 25 students. That is about 200 sentences personally tailored to the students’ successes and challenges.

So the change is learning a whole new way of assessing students in reading. Theoretically, I get it, but the details of the work require concentration and practice. Practice takes time and time is not something this time of the year affords much of.

So change. I just need to dig in. I need to focus. I need to accept the responsibilities of it. I suppose that is my new focus. That I can understand. I am responsible for this new learning even if the timing is not great. That I can do, be responsible.


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