Crucial Conversations

I have had some crucial conversations as of late. A leadership cohort I am a part of has luckily prepared me by having read and discussed some important chapters of a book with the same title. I am no expert, but I am less afraid to open up those lines of communication. To say what needs to be said when your “heart” is in the right place has the best chance of hitting the mark.

Crucial conversations are not about judgment or being right. They are however about authentic interchanges to be able to move forward. My conversation tonight was with someone I love deeply. There were uncomfortable moments. Even with those, I pressed on and said my truth. He expressed some annoyance but listened. My heart was in the right place. No nagging will ensue. I now wait and hope and pray. When someone you love is suffering and they are the only ones who can make changes, all I can do is have loving crucial conversations.


7 thoughts on “Crucial Conversations

  1. There are certainly not enough of us engaging in these types of conversations right now! I’m so determined to be more vulnerable and authentic with people, especially when it’s hard, as I believe that’s the only way to really change the world, one life at a time, one moment at a time. I’m right there with you, and I’m proud of you for having one of those conversations today!

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  2. I agree with you here! I follow a lot of the work by Elizabeth DiAlto, and she calls them ‘Courageous Conversations’. I love that word ‘courageous’ because it reinforces that they may not be easy or comfortable, as you say. Crucial? Absolutely! Good luck continuing to have these types of conversations. Thanks for sharing this post!

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      1. Yes, very true. They require getting comfortable with uncomfortable and staying true to your boundaries. Elizabeth has a step by step guide to these on her website and they helped me a lot with talking to family members!


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