Look harder, you will see it too

I landed this job by happenstance. When I say job I really mean a multitude of hours planning, creating, coordinating, executing and then planning again…without traditional pay. At first glance, you might not see the value.

People in my “paid” job always know that when it is softball season, I will be out the door at 3:45- our contract leave time- on game days. Prior to softball season, I can count on one hand how often I have been on the road before 5:00.

Just like the players, my “team” is critical to our wins and losses. Surrounding me I have one amazing team. Everyone has other “paid” jobs, but when it comes to working together, each one has their niche. We all step up and do what we can- booking hotels, collecting sponsorships, managing the finances and looking for efficiency, organizing events even when you can’t be there. Everyone has a talent they are willing to share and that makes it all work.

So after our “paid” jobs, we spend hours shopping for concessions, watching games, cooking for concessions, sending emails, ordering uniforms, asking for sponsorships, even photographing fun antics at practice. Our coaches are super supportive and excited to work with us. The girls are smiley and appreciative.

Look harder. The pay we receive does not show up in our bank account. The pay we receive is how our girls look at us. They see strong, capable woman, willing to give up leisure time ( and sometimes sleep) to help others. We are teaching them to be doers. To not be afraid to put yourself out there. They see that sometimes there are challenges, but that challenges can be overcome.  They see that joy can be found in the little things. They see that love is a verb. Look harder, you will see it too.


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