Friday night and still awake at 10

So most nights I am still awake at 10 or 10:30 but not by choice.  I am not a night owl and would prefer to be in bed and sleeping by 9 if at all possible. For the most part, plan on me declining any Friday invitations unless they end by 7 and I can have my cozy clothes on by 7:20.

Here it was, a Friday night activity that I was attending. I knew I would love it, but I so dread the whole “putting forth effort” part of being part of the world on Fridays. The event would be all peopley and I would have to smile and give accounts of how I am and how my family is. To be honest, I was there for one reason- to see my talented niece play Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz.

I had invited a friend and colleague earlier in the week and she was free and wanted to go. For this I was excited and the best part was that SHE was excited. It was nice to get out of the building and she was so appreciative of the opportunity. I was thrilled to have a buddy.

The play was phenomenal and my niece was a true star. She even had the trilly voice ( and hers is usually kind of low and cool gravely.) We did see a variety of family and friends and it was ok. I survived. I don’t know what it is with me these days, but I am kind of happy by myself a lot.

I think what I am realizing after my fantastic evening is that sometimes bumping out of my routine allows me to reconnect in good ways. I had a great time, saw my family and spent a fantastic time with a great friend. Maybe next time we will get really wild and do dinner before.

Now it is 10:13. I have comments to make and my excellent book to read. My husband is snoring next to me. All is well. This slice out!


4 thoughts on “Friday night and still awake at 10

  1. “The event would be all peopley and I would have to smile…” I really giggled at this line, especially the “peopley” part. Oh, how I can relate. I am just worthless on Fridays, but I have forced myself out here and there and am always pleasantly surprised at how the break from routine really does make me wake a little fresher looking, despite my lack of sleep, having laughed a little with friends. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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  2. “The event would be all peopley.” Ha! After a long day of peopley, I always want some quiet time at home. But you’re right: sometimes it is good to get out of our routine, and I’m sure it meant so much to your niece that you were there.

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