More mind-FULL-ness and YOGA

Have I written about this topic before? I am not sure and truth be said, I am too lazy to go back and check.

I am working with my 5th graders to practice mindfulness and yoga. I told them we would be trying it and I did not want them to ruin the experience for anyone else. So far so good. One of my greatest naysayers actually asked if we would be doing it today. I think we will work it in at the end of the day- seems like a good time for now.

Today we closed our eyes and imagined a balloon- ok let’s get real I nagged them to close their eyes and kept mine part way open for safety purposes. I then had to explain that “in your mind” did not mean you physically moving your arms up and down ( while hitting other kids) to pull in the imaginary string on the balloon. I sat in the middle of the floor and they sat on desks. I was not totally sure what was going on behind me…but when we finished, I suggested a Yoga routine and they happily participated. I can see us getting better. I will hold my line knowing that experiences like this are good for kids ( and teachers), whether they know it or not. Shout out to GO NOODLE for helping keep my big kids engaged.


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