Today I was at a training and at breakfast, a person sat down next to me. I introduced my self and then received a reciprocal introduction. The person’s name was unique, Kenning, I believe. I truly did not know if this person identified as male or female and although it does not really matter to me, I had trouble with the pronouns. A couple of times I began to say something and I was in need of a pronoun since I did not have one, I just smiled. When Kenning got up to leave, there was a warm “Nice to meet you.” I said, “Nice to meet you too, ” and that was it. No more pronouns were needed.

4 thoughts on “Pronouns

  1. I’m intrigued by this interaction. Reminds me that we put so much emphasis on gender when there really isn’t any need except to choose the right pronoun! Wish our language had more gender-neutral pronouns to replace he,she,him,her… Thought provoking slice—Thanks!

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  2. I appreciate your sensitivity. It’s new territory for most and we are still working on it. I currently am trying to get they as a gender neutral pronoun to work in my mouth. This old literacy teacher has difficulty with they for singular, though no difficulty with my precious relative’s desire to be themself.

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