🐱Kitty Play Date🐱

Through the door, I heard words in Spanish. My daughter at her Zoom Spanish class. Within an hour or so she emerged to ask a definition of a word, almost as fast as she asked, she figured it out.

The fact that the colleges and universities have seemlessly transitioned to online learning is appreciated. Even though in-line is not her favorite, she appreciates it too. She will receive her credits and hopefully will have her classes go toward her GPA (some colleges are moving to credit/no credit.)

I know she misses her friends. I know she misses her freedom. We are not bad to live with, but even after this short period of time, and the fact that Michigan just went to shelter in place, clips her 20 year old wings.

I zoomed with some of my besties yesterday and I loved seeing them across states and time zones. I think she might have been inspired- she shared this AM “Hey Mom, did you know that all of my friends have cats?”


“Yeah so we are going to Zoom a kitty play date.”

Change does indeed breed ingenuity.


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