On Gratitude- Draft

“Shape the words ‘Thank You”

Chaos and then relief. Boxes, furniture, tape and piles of things surround me, overwhelm me. The process of moving when there is not time allotted for it is stressful. What stays, what goes- the sheer volume of the items collected over 12 years. Right now we are in Chaos. Interestingly enough we are able to work, go to school, enjoy dinners and spend family time together.

Given the time crunch, it would seem like that might be impossible, yet we are making progress one step at a time.

The relief comes when I think about the other side. Simplifying things so that we can move forward. Focus on what will be better and new.

There has been an opportunity to make income this summer and that has made things more palatable.  We have taken care of things that have come up. Not too long ago, “things” would have derailed us. A healthier bank account has allowed for a nice grad party and gift, car repairs, softball tourney weekends and time to breathe.

Focus on the future. The chaos that is right now will soon be locked up in a box.  Things will be put away and routines will be re-established. Changes will not seem so raw and fresh. We will figure things out.

I am grateful that this storm will pass.

I reflect back on the days of my Catholic School teaching and the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord (wonder.)  I am thinking that God has a way of teaching you lessons even if you are not ready and did not ask for them.

My days are spent understanding that I can only control  what I can control. Certain situations allow me to feel peaceful when I make decisions. Seeing things move slowly to a better place gives a sense of peace. Those glimmers are little gratitude reminders and what I am striving for.