On Names- Draft

What is in a name?

An Irish-ish name that is actually a Welsh pet name for Margaret, Meggin, but nowhere close to the usual spelling- M-E-G-G-I-N. It has been spelled, Megan, Meaghan, Meghan, Megyn and Meghann. When it comes to my name, the spelling is the most talked about part of it. The part commented on, questioned and of course I frequently feel obligated to give a backstory. It is both usual and unusual at the same time. Common and not so common. Interesting because I see that as a part of me as well. Predictable and not so predictable.

I gave up years ago worrying if my name is spelled correctly. To my core it does not matter, but I find that most people are careful and considerate and want to get it right. I do appreciate that.

Since the name originally comes from Margaret, which means pearl, I have to make the connection of how a pearl is formed- oh yes I might be reading into this a bit, but why not? The pearl is formed in a living creature, we are most familiar with the oysters. An irritant is inside the shell and as a protection, a coating begins for form around the irritant and over time the coating builds up and forms a pearl. I could go into a lot of allegorical references here, but rather I am going to just say that I am embracing the fact that the meaning of my name is connected to building up layers. I am going to wear my layers as wisdom to not only protect me, but to bring beauty to the world.

Here is the backstory. My Mom chose my name because she knew another girl named Meggins-pronounced Mee-gins I am super happy I did not get that spelling!

I have found that once you get beyond the spelling, I am just Meggin- spelled any way you want. The common sounding, but not so common spelling me. Perspective is everything.

As I look at all of names, first, middle and last (even my maiden name) are unusually spelled. Not phonetically incorrect, just surprising.

Names are so important and I do think I am indeed my name. I do share that “Yes it is that on birth certificate” and “No, I did not change the spelling in 7th grade.”

No matter how you spell it or pronounce it, M-E-G-G-I-N is it! Last point, my middle name is Maree- no not Marie as it is traditionally spelled and my maiden name was Pozzi. Maybe my parents had a thing for double letters and trying to protect me from identity theft.

Last, Last point. MY children and named Scott and Elizabeth.