On books and camping and eating outside

Feedback July 6-choices of books list too many . Freeing your mind. What is it about your life that you need a getaway?  What is the nugget- validate? Why is it so much better outdoors Not having a plan or a routine.

July 5, 2016

Writing invitation- Write about something you love to do

The smell of pine and the cool, damp air are all the wake up needed, but the added percolation of the coffee over the fire only adds to the anticipation of the day. Preparation for this weekend was carefully done, beginning with my bag of books. Yes, the tent, yes the camp stove, yes the sleeping bags, but the books are the mainstay.

Camping anywhere and anyhow is one of my happy times and happy places. A chair, a footrest, some trees and a bag of books. I do love the whole process. Did you know that food cooked and eaten outdoors tastes better? Those plain eggs at home become something special when mixed with the outdoors. They simply have not only salt and pepper, maybe a little leftover bacon or chorizo grease, but they are now seasoned with the adventure of the weekend. Our appetites are voracious and focus is great when there are fewer distractions. As we taste the food, our minds are rested and peaceful. Does that make the flavors more intense?

The clean-up is sometimes a group activity- one kid hauling water from the spigot, another getting the assembly line set up. More often, the children are off to the next activity and I am left to clean. Even cleaning up after a meal is better when you are camping. Trying to keep the shards of wood and flakes of dirt off of the clean dishes. The simple chore of dishes is even enjoyable because it is not sandwiched between MUST DO’s. The rigid schedule of our normal day to day is left behind. Every day is an open book.

Now to my books. In my bag is a smattering. A few fiction, something trendy and entertaining, a few highly academic- the latest research or just research needed to make my decisions more valid and finally a few based on better practice in my classroom. Those tips and tricks books are so often my go to’s and having them on hand brings be peace. A new addition to my collection is my “reading list” on my phone. So often fun things pass in front of me and I am not sure- read them now? Print? Email? So I am now using my “reading list” as my storage house. My joy is that I will always have something to read.

The dishes are drying, the sun has risen and he shadows have changed. The kids have disappeared on bikes down the path and my precious bag is next to my camp chair. I pour myself a cup of coffee, grab some milk from the cooler and sit. My schedule is erased and my mind is open. My biggest decision remains- which book do I read and where do I read it. Ahhh.