“BING” Writing Invitation Day 3 Genre

Writing Invitation Day  3 Genre

Make a list of settings that matter to you and the genres that circulate in those settings

Try and tell a meaningful troy in the genres that circulate in that story’s setting

Softball Field*Home with teenagers*LMWP*School*Summer School*



                The house is quiet. My feet are up and I have Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott on my lap. As I read, I marvel at the little magnetic bookmark I recently picked up. Brilliant.



“ Yes?”


“What do I have going on today?”

Reply “I don’t know, check your calendar.”

Quiet. I keep reading. I notice how the book is flowing and how it is real and raw. It is not a “story” but more of a memoir and I can’t wait to turn the page.

fake text


I turn the page. I laugh.


“MOM! Are my keys upstairs?”

Reply- “ I don’t use your keys. I don’t know”

I hear a car pull up and a door and a trunk slam. The familiar sound of a softball bag being wheeled in precedes the “Hey.” I get from my daughter. After a few pleasantries, she plops herself on the couch and begins thumbing her phone. I see her swipe down, swipe down, swipe down, swipe down, wait. She swipes up and pauses. Something has her attention. Swipe down, swipe down, swipe down, swipe down.



Reply – YES???

“Is there dinner?????”

Now I roll my eyes.

“Mom,” my daughter says suddenly. I look up.

“Is there dinner???”

My book still on my lap. My feet still up. The quiet only interrupted with the BING of a text message.  Gone are the toddler days where they are in your space, in your lap and very present. Now are the days of the teens, they are for the most part self entertained, but not self reliant. The care and feeding of teenagers is still a full time job. My book is set to the side for another time.