What it is to be “Well”

Intellectually understanding- Thinking patterns- we know Behavior-making choices like-we know Experience-living long enough-we know maintenance- habits are everything- we know excuses-don’t use them- we know execution- hard to do- we know Being “well” is hard- We know Advertisements


It is two weeks before break. We are being asked to do running records on 3 students before we leave and most of us have not done those for many years. We are stressed. I look at the standards. SO MANY. Testing around the corner and in checking, I wanted to revisit the genre of… Continue reading DRAMA


The uncertainty of change freaks people out. I am one of those people right now. I suppose it is really not change, but rather not having the time to adjust and learn. We are in the midst of report cards with finalizing grades and making comments. Each comment consists of 5-8 sentences minimum and that… Continue reading Change