Reflections for ALL Demo groups

Narrative Writing- Z, Stacey and Lisa

We enjoyed the various hands-on activities including the mystery bag, the comic strip, and the voice readings. This helped us think about narrator in a new way and we hope to implement some of these activities in our own classrooms.

The research used to highlight the best practice of writing narrative and using voice was spot on. We enjoyed the different quotes and the different things each quote said about narrative and voice.

Finally, we really appreciated the technology and the handouts. It made what we were currently doing easy to follow and easy enough to modify and replicate in the future.

Thanks for your hard work!

Writing in the Content Areas

Keith, Laura, Nicole

Fantastic presentation on Writing in the Content areas! You encouraged the connection of many genres and it was very applicable to all grade levels. You gave us permission, research supported, to focus on the content and clarity vs. the details of grammar and punctuation. You showed excitement and enthusiasm for all areas presented. The content presented and the ways we could elevate the learning through ascending the Blooms made great sense. The methodology and the research that backed it was clear and super well supported. Thanks so much!!!


Rebecca, Melissa and Katie

The first thing we want to say is, “Thank you.” We really enjoyed this.

We really appreciated the materials used during the presentation. The videos, student work, and other shared poems really got the many different points you were making about poetry across. Everything was very versatile and we can already think about how we can adapt it for our own classrooms.

You really demonstrated the research and reasoning for poetry as well, in addition to the importance of of presenting some of the aforementioned research when teaching poetry.

We all felt inspired during and after the presentation. Inspired not only to teach poetry but also to write it ourselves so that we are better able to teach it to our students. We felt as if everything was very accessible and we feel as if we now have some key resources to teach poetry in our classrooms.

Teaching Argumentation

Katie, Jenny and Sarah

Your presentation brought up the importance of understanding the levels of argumentative writing. We found the information adaptable to middle and elementary. We enjoyed the resources and plan on using them in some way in our classrooms. The water bottle activity concept has all of us thinking and we loved the levels. Taking it one step further and classifying questions is a great thought. The technology was great and gave us just enough to follow along. The depth of your knowledge and what you bring your students is remarkable. Thanks for such a comprehensive demonstration!


Panel from LMWP 2015

Overall the grammar research group got me thinking about what bad practice happens in the classroom. Setting the goal of getting students to up the game in their writing is important. The “Grecian Urn” concept is very prevalent, but we think we are “covering it” by showing them and giving them a worksheet, but there is no transfer. I appreciated the systematic approach- scaffolding and building upon the before. I can see a way to review/ revisit the basics to get it to “Stick.” The result is that they all have interesting poetic language to keep as poems or make into prose. Thank you for this important work!